In the past i had some pretty big blogs around themes like telecommunications, health, board games, and some smaller websites that ranked pretty good on Google.

Writing SEO blog posts in Dutch & English on all kind of websites, it was my second day job, beside my normal job i had of course.

Fast-forward to the year of 2019, especially the summer, I am managing (way too) many websites by myself, and I cannot write those SEO articles all by myself, so I am hiring a decent author team to do that for me.

Found some decent authors on Textbroker, put them up in a Team, and wrote the hell for me and my blogs. Even got my account on activated again, to see if there are good English Authors in my niches. Found 1 from MANY, and is still writing for me.

5 Months later (December 2019) I got 70+ new articles written in 7 different niches.

What is the main topic here you ask? Well, I didn’t write 1 word for any of my blogs in the last 7 months, and i had finally time left to do real business again at my agency. I now worked AT my business, and not IN my business. 

Scaling my small agency to a more grown up agency in 2020 is the goal actually.

My advice, just outsource your “time” difficult project to external solutions, and you got more time left for your family, company, hobby’s etc. Sure it costs money, but it can bring in some money for in return, and NOT the valuable time you had in that period you didn’t work on those time-consuming projects.


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