Frank Edens

Hi there, my name is Frank Edens, and yes, I am 100% Dutch, although living now in Germany for some years now.

Dutch yes, but I feel at home everywhere. Lived in France, Holland, backpacked around the world in my life, and now living in a beautiful house with my family in Lingen.

That is a middle-sized town, with beautiful country views, and some strange German customs what I never get used too somehow.

Day activities

It’s what I do best: working online doing everything I can with WordPress, SEO and SEA. For more than 8 years now, I got my Agency Edenz, where I mainly do Web design, SEO. From the 1st of January 2020, I will start a new part in my life, where I will work mainly with Google Ads clients with my new agency: FDE Media. (This stands for Frank, Doro (My Wife) Edens)

With my new agency I will work mainly with Google Ads clients from all over the world, especially the lawyers in Germany first.